Antonovsky, A. (1987). Unraveling the Mystery of Health: How People Manage Stress and Stay Well. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco. 2. Antonovsky, A. (1993). The structure and properties of the Sense of Coherence Scale. Soc Sci Med, 36(6), 725-733. PMID or DOI: PMID: 8480217. Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Meaning in life


23 okt. 2019 — Två kärnkoncept är väsentliga i den salutogena teorin (Antonovsky 1979, 1987); känsla av sammanhang (KASAM, SOC) och generella 

The structure and properties of the Sense of Coherence Scale. Soc Sci Med, 36(6), 725-733. PMID or DOI: PMID: 8480217. Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Meaning in life Aaron Antonovsky (født 19. december 1923, død 7. juli 1994) var en israelsk-amerikansk professor i medicinsk sociologi og er kendt for den salutogenetiske idé og teorien om en Oplevelse Af Sammenhæng (OAS) (engelsk: Sense of Coherence, SOC).

Antonovsky soc

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Reprinted in Isr J  The SoC represents the key element of the salutogenic process. This concept also is viewed by Antonovsky as a continuum (Antonovsky, 1985). It is applicable   Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence Scale: Cultural Validation of Soc Questionnaire and Socio-Demographic Patterns in an Italian Population. SOC Antonovsky.

Antonovsky’s sense of coherence (SOC) theory relates to the adaptive capacity of humans. In response to Antonovsky’s call to study the sense of coherence concept using methods other than his orientation to life questionnaire, and to further test the application of …

26 juni 2019 — KASAM, på engelska ”a Sense of Coherence”, SOC) är ett begrepp från salutogenes teorin, vilket myntades av Aaron Antonovsky. av B Petrell · 2007 — After one year 67 per cent were drug free and they had a stronger sense of coherence (SOC, Antonovsky) and their psychiatric status (Symptomchecklist-90)​  Uppsatser om AARON ANTONOVSKY HäLSA. Nyckelord :SOC; Sence of coherense; Aaron Antonovsky; KASAM; Känsla av sammanhang; Aaron Antonovsky  av M Jensen · 2013 — Therefore a general increase in SOC value during recovery from exhaustion disorder could not be KASAM är ett begrepp som myntades av Aaron Antonovsky.

Antonovsky soc

The concept of sense of coherence (SOC) was put forward by Aaron Antonovsky in 1979 to explain why some people become ill under stress and others stay 

Antonovsky soc

A 13-item version of the scale has also been used. The focus of the present study is to examine the relationship between Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence (SOC), the nature of patient pathology, situational coping responses, and role overload in Belgian primary caregivers to dementing and nondementing chronically ill family members (n = 126). In the second half year after the accident, SOC as well as measures of psychopathology remained stable. RA patients showed high stability of SOC and measures of anxiety and depression over time.

Antonovsky soc

Aaron Antonovsky. 1923 - 1994. Ymmärrettävyys. Hallittavuus ratkaisut. Merkityksellisyys y yy.
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Hans svar är att motståndskraften beror på vår känsla av sammanhang, KASAM (på engelska SOC, Sense of Coherence),  Detta är den fråga Antonovsky ställer.

december 1923, død 7.
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24 apr. 2019 — Antonovsky menar att ett meningsfullt, tryggt och förutsägbart liv ger Antonovskys arbete mynnade ut i en modell som han kallade SOC, 

DISCUSSION It is worth noticing that even Antonovsky´s famous and frequently used SOC scale, SOC-29, has been under thorough investigation of its validity and reliability since it was first presented in 1987. Antonovsky, A. (1987).

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Zusammenfassung. Berichtet wird über die teststatistische Überprüfung der Sense of Coherence Scale (SOC-29) von Antonovsky in einer repräsentativen Stichprobe der deutschen Bevölkerung (n = 2005) und die darauf aufbauende Konstruktion der Leipziger Kurzskala (SOC-L9), welche lediglich 9 Items umfasst.

Instead, wellness–illness should be viewed as a continuum (Antonovsky, 1987). As long as we possess the slightest spark of life, we also possess, Objective: Antonovsky coined sense of coherence (SOC) as the central concept of his salutogenic theory focusing on the origins of well-being. SOC captures the degree to which one perceives the world as comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful. Life events and resources are considered to be the building blocks of a person’s SOC. However, mainly The SOC scale II will be tested in a sequent paper that will reveal how this new scale is highly associated with the physical health[30].